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Can you remember your first winning trade?

That moment of satisfaction when all your analysis came together and you watched price edge closer and closer to your profit target . . . The truth is, for some traders it’s like that all the time. It’s business as normal.

You’ve probably read about them, the traders at investment banks and hedge funds who literally rake in the cash, posting double digit returns month after month. It leaves you wondering, doesn’t it – how do they do it? How do they keep on pulling that rabbit out of the hat?

Well here’s the difficult part, the part that few people are willing to accept: those super-successful pros are trading the exact same markets as you. They have the same information, and almost identical trading platforms. Most traders who are losing money simply can’t accept this fact because it means they’re getting something wrong. It’s so much easier to blame their losses on their broker or market manipulation, to attribute the success of others to superior tools or “good luck”. I guess that’s just the mindset of the habitual loser for you.

But now here’s some good news . . . once you’re smart enough to accept all this and stop looking for excuses, then you begin to realize just how level the playing field truly is in forex . . . and suddenly you’re on the road to success.

Perhaps you’re skeptical, and that’s no bad thing. So here’s a quick thought experiment that has provided that “light bulb moment” for a lot of others we’ve shared it with:

Meet Tom. He works on the currency trading desk at a large Wall Street bank, and he specializes in the Yen crosses. This means he works some pretty unsociable hours trading with Hong Kong throughout the night, and he’s used to his sleep being interrupted by alerts from the Bloomberg terminal. His employers expect a lot of him, and he sometimes jokes that he’s “married to the Yen desk”

But the benefits are more than worth it. He has a lovely family, a great apartment in Tribeca (plus the beach house out at the Hamptons), and he’s just paid off his parent’s mortgage for them. When this year’s bonus comes in, he’s finally planning to get that Porsche he’s always wanted, although the wife doesn’t know that bit yet!

Now, are you really going to tell us that if we take Tom and tell him to trade using only your charts and trading platform, that he’s suddenly going to become unable to make money?

Of course he won’t. And now ask yourself . . . Why? Because he knows what he’s doing. Tom and the bank he works for have numerous trading strategies that they know they can rely on to make consistent profits for them in the forex markets. Strategies that work.

(Here’s a quick confession: Tom isn’t really a thought experiment. He’s someone we know at a New York hedge fund. We’ve just changed his name!)

This is what it all comes down to. Not staring at endless charts hoping that everything will magically fall into place, not years of “screen time”. You’ve got to have the right strategies, the same smart systems that the professionals use to make money every.

And getting there is much easier than you think. Pretty much anyone who has worked at a hedge fund or investment bank gets taught a handful of proprietary strategies. Then guess what? A few years later they go and work for another bank, or they set up shop on their own. Word gets out; everyone in the industry gets to hear about these strategies sooner or later.

So when the four of us at Forex4U sat down and put pen to paper to share what we know with you, we were all surprised by just how much we ended up with. Some of it’s stuff we’ve used ourselves as fund managers, and some of its stuff that’s come from friends at other firms. But altogether we were able to compile what we think is the best collection of forex trading strategies you’ll find.

Initially we expected to help just a small number of traders, but as the popularity of this site grew and we shipped more and more copies, even we were surprised by what an overwhelmingly positive response the strategy guide has received. It’s really helped a lot of traders out there to turn things around and start making serious profits by putting winning strategies at their fingertips.

If you’re ready to join this group and truly embrace what professional level trading is all about, then grab a copy below and get started today.

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