Forex Signal Services

I started in the forex market in June of 2002. With hardly any experience at all, I really did not know what I was getting into, other than I wanted to be a full-time trader making tons of money from home. Little did I know from the start that my lifestyle as I knew it was about to change drastically.

The Problem

I initially began with a demo account and did okay for a month. Throughout the course of a month I managed to compile 23 wins and 2 loses, for a net profit of $1,219. I thought to myself, this is excellent; I am ready to begin with a live account and to trade for myself. Moving from a demo account to a real my psychology was blind sided. I was afraid to trade using the same techniques and trading system I had used to become successful with my demo account. The ending wasn’t pretty. I ended up losing a lot of sleep, $4458 and the only thing I gained was un-wanted stress. Out of cash and with other investments failing, I needed to find something quick that was going to get me where I wanted to be financially.

The Solution

I did not need the stress of trading anymore, so I decided to look for a decent forex signals provider. I wanted a system that was going to make me money every month and better yet a system that would trade for me.

I tried program after program only to lose more money. It seemed as though either the signal providers sent too many signals or the forex signals were horrible to begin with. Still trying to work my day job as a CPA, I was not always able to catch every signal either. I was in desperate need of an automated forex trading system.

I happened to be browsing the internet one day looking for things such as forex signals, automated trading signals and forex profits. I did manage to stumble across an extremely reliable trading system that has averaged 600 pips per month over the past 3 years. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and they had the data to back up there trading track record. It’s 2006 and I have been using this piece of software for exactly 1 year now and I could not be happier. The software offered excellent signals that I was able to take in the evenings and if I wasn’t at my computer I had a text message sent to my cell phone so that I could call into the trading desk and place the trade. As of January 2006, my total net profit from trading has amounted to $82,000.